So we ended up not getting Molly.  Not that there was anything wrong with her - she's absolutely adorable and friendly....but she just wasn't "us" - if that makes sense?  She loved kids when they walked up to the kennel and I think she may do well in a home with children, which ours is not.  I feel kind of bad, but she is considered one of their highly adoptable dogs..which means she'll get a home.

We don't take getting pets lightly - it's a lifetime decision for us.  We also agree that we both must agree on what we get - in other words the dog must be a mutual decision.  We definitely want to do a rescue though.  We will know when we find the correct dog.

When we went to look at Toby we both agreed that he looked as though he'd get "too big", we then looked at another dog.  We went to lunch to discuss it and I admitted that taking the back up dog would be just getting a dog because that's what we came for.  We left empty handed.  We went back several weeks later and both of us picked out a little brown dog almost immediately - it was Toby, of course!  We knew he was our dog and because he was still there, it was meant to be!

When we went for Keyser we actually went to look at his brother, but once there Keyser's little face looking through the glass at us stole our hearts - so we got him.  See what I mean?  The dog's were "us" - we just knew it.  We didn't get that impression when we finally saw Molly.  Cute little dog - she just wasn't "us".  Anyway, she is available for adoption for anyone in the area (and I can now share a photo):

See?  She is a cutie!