Kind of, Really?

"If You Kind Of Do It, It Kind Of Works;
If You Really Do It, It Really Works."

I love quotes as anyone that knows me already knows.  Each week at Weight Watchers the session ends with a quote.  This was the quote from two weeks ago.

It was that same week when the lady was in line complaining about the new program not working for her.  Remember her?  She was in my post where she said she was eating nothing but veggies and fruits the first two weeks and had made some pasta cheese wiz dish that evening and was whining over the program not being successful.  Last week she finally had a weight loss and she contributed it to the quote above.  Nice that she saw herself in there isn't it?  I imagine we all see ourselves in that quote in one way or another.

That quote could be attributed to a lot of things in life but it definately is a good quote for weight loss.  You have to do it right, to get it to work.