Today is Keyser's three year anniversary with us. We didn't intend to get another dog...but it just happened. The night before we stopped in "The Pet Store" in Chambersburg, PA and I fell in love with a Puggle. Unfortunately, she had a HUGE price tag and no papers coming with it. Once home, I checked the website for the rescue we had gotten Toby at. They happened to have 3 puggles available - a tan one, a brown and white one and a tri-color. We went up the next day, but had to go up later - which often can mean the dog you're hoping for is gone. I had chosen the brown and white one from the internet. We get there - all 3 are still available; but I kind of liked the tri-color better (we later found out the brown and white one was blind). They get him out for us and we begin the decision. It's a puppy, 2:00 a.m. walks and such...... I'm not kidding when I say that within 5 minutes of us getting him out of the cage....2 other people show up wanting him!!! It was a sign (the same thing happened with Toby) we took him!!

I'd be lying if I said the adjustment was easy - it wasn't. Little puppies are like having babies....but all has been going well and let's just say..."It's A Good Thing He's Cute!"

Keyser's Rescue Photo:

Keyser's First Day At Home:

Keyser All Grown Up:

In case you're wondering....most Puggles that you see are brown. Puggle's are not pure bred's but are referred to as "designer breeds". Puggles are a cross between a Pug and a Beagle. Keyser is considered a "second generation" Puggle, which means his parentage could be any of the following: Puggle to Puggle, Puggle to Pug or Puggle to Beagle. Coming from a rescue - we really don't know.