Just So Everyone Knows.....

My blog mainly exists for myself. It’s my online journal that I allow others in to. It’s very helpful to me to work out things going through my head and such…I guess it’s a form of therapy.

I’m saying this because I don’t want anyone to think that I’m regretting adopting another dog, as I’m not. I went through ups and downs when we got Toby and again when we got Keyser. So I absolutely was expecting it this time around also.

A new dog upsets the normality that was established in the home – it affects EVERYONE- human and animal. Once everyone establishes their “place”, things get better. It’s very important to me to read up on the pit bull breed as that is what I’m pretty sure I’m dealing with and I want things to work. Like I said, the paperwork from the Humane Society is inconsistent. They picked her up the beginning of March as a stray and listed her as an 8-11 week old pit bull mix. Then within a few weeks she became a 9 mo. old puggle mix. Two entirely different things!

I don’t believe that she is in the 8-11 week old range because of the training. She seems to be housebroken (we’ve had one accident), crate trained, knows a few commands, is extremely friendly with everyone, all ages…someone had been working with her and I don’t believe you’re going to have that much training in an 8-11 week old puppy. I’m sure her wellness visit at the Vet will help determine the age range.

Hubby will take her to work some days, so she won’t be totally confined to a crate; but hey, that’s how Keyser spent most of his in the early days. It was funny this morning…I got a treat to try to get her in the crate; and every time I said “crate” – Keyser went in it (see he remembers his training) – I had to remove him and start over!!