For the most part the weekend with Lucy has gone well.  But she and Keyser have had a few scuffles that concern me.


She doesn’t bother Toby at all.  He laid down the law and she respected that.  But try and try Keyser tries to do the same and she just comes back for more. Poor Keyser is also jealous and definitely not himself.  I know the adjustment takes time, and I know we’ve always been told to give it 30 days and I plan to do that; I just don’t want my dogs and cats to feel like prisoners in their own homes.


My other concern is the inconsistency with the paperwork from the Humane Society.  How do you go from an 8-12 week old pit bull mix to a 9 mo. old puggle mix overnight?  The more I’m around her, I see much more pit bull than puggle.  And if she’s only 8-12 weeks old she will get bigger than Keyser and Toby.  I’m afraid that once she does, she’ll be able to overtake them and that could lead to disastrous results.  Since she seems to always want to go after Keyser at the neck…I have an issue there.


I know there are lots of horror stories out there about pit bulls; and for every horror story there is dozens upon dozens of nice ones.  But a common thread I see is that when a pit bull attacks, they attack to maim; not just a bite like another dog may do.  That’s not what I want.  I also was on a pit bull activist site (an activist site FOR pit bulls, not against) and they highly advise not to ever leave your pit bull unattended with other animals you may have.  *That* bothers me, because life in a crate is no way to live, but free from harm must exist from my other pets.


Time will tell.


But she is just as cute as a button!