I posted a photo of Lucy at FaceBook and had a lot of nice comments!  My one cousin posted this:

You know, it's funni, because I would swear this used to be my neighbors dog that they got rid of a few weeks or so ago. She had her toenails painted hot pink at one point!! doubt in my mind we're talking about the same dog.  I emailed my cousin immediately and asked for any details she could give me - still waiting to hear back.  I may get some background on this dog yet!  I'd like to know - how long did they have her, why they got rid of her, any history really.  It would be a big help!

We're still having some issues with her and Keyser; I think she thinks they are playing and when he's had enough, she doesn't know when to stop.  Keyser isn't really acting himself either.  That upsets me.  I was talking to hubby this morning and he has those concerns as well.  She does seem to have some mouthing issues.  I've watched a few youtube videos regarding this (very normal) and am going to try a few tricks with her to see if they work.

I do hate having her in a crate at night and then back in to leave for work in the morning.  As the weather gets warmer I'm hoping to take her on some very long walks to pull her energy level down!

And as I told hubby today...Remember - Molly's Place (where Toby & Keyser are from) always has told us to give it 30 days.  You'll know within that amount of time whether the household will work or not.  That's our goal right now.

Oh, and though my sister may not see pit in her; another cousin of mine that has ones, says yes!


  1. She doesn't look Pitbull to me, and she doesn't look like a young puppy - she looks like she could be about 9 months old. A vet should be able to tell how old she is by her teeth. There's a big difference between 8-11 weeks and 9 months! She has beagle ears! My nephew has 2 pits, both of which I trained, so I'm familiar with them. That's sad that Lucy's previous owners just turned her loose. People are so stupid. They didn't even want her back, I guess? Don't they know what she is and how old she is?
    I don't get your blog sent to me anymore. Do you still have Mickey?


  2. Aw, she looks like a little brown Molly! I do see a little Pit Bull in the jaw line, just like I do with my pup. I wish I had more info about her past. When we adopted her, the shelter in PA only knew of her last 2 locations, and they were both in kennels. I did discover one Xmas that there has to be some trauma in her past. I was wrapping gifts and the roll of paper ended. As I turned around with the empty roll in my hand to throw it away, Molly was sitting behind me. She totally freaked, in a "Don't Hit ME!!!" sort of way. So I am pretty sure that someone in her past wasn't very nice to her. I'd certainly hate to think that something like that would happen in a kennel, but I guess it isn't out of the realm of possibility. The idea that any human being could have brandished anything toward this sweet lovable pup fills me with rage to this day. Of course now she loves to tear apart the empty rolls from the wrapping paper, so she's ok :-)


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