And She Shall Be Called.....

We picked up "new puppy" yesterday at 4:00 p.m.  It was a lot of fun.  Kim came out from her office to see us and another high school friend Marie was doing her volunteer time.  We bought a few things while there and the staff loaded us up with some other things as well - it was like they couldn't give us enough!  We were there almost an hour!  Adoption takes time.

As soon as we walked out the door, "new puppy" squated and peed - Oh what a good girl!  I decided to give her a walk around the parking lot and for some reason she thought we were getting into a truck parked there.  Hmmmm.....familiar with car rides as well.

On the drive home, we spouted off different names thinking she may respond.  Maddie and Bella are very popular names for dogs these days and we thought if she responded to one maybe that was her original name.  Nope!  We kept going through everything we could think of - no response or it just didn't fit her. 

Once home and needing to get her to respond, a name was becoming necessary.  She was sitting next to me on the loveseat and I looked at her and started with names again.  Nothing...  finally I said "Lucy" - she licked my face.  So "Lucy" she is.

I've been reading through the mounds of paperwork they gave us.  She was picked up along Frederick Street in Hagerstown, MD with bright pink toe nails.  They originally checked her in as a pit bull mix baby at 8-11 weeks.  When they finally were testing her disposition they decided she was a puggle mix at 9 months (birthdate of June 22, 2010).  I don't think they can be that exact but I'm hoping the age is close as that means she won't get much bigger.  I can see pit bull in her though, she has that boxy face like they do.

As for the home front, cats seem okay with her.  No accidents, she seems to be housetrained.  Whined a little at first in the crate last night, but then settled down and slept straight through.  She does know some commands.  When hubby left this morning with Toby & Keyser, she hopped in bed with me and slept.  She snores too!

So let's toe nails, knows commands, housebroken, super friendly....yep, she belonged to someone!

So far so good, pictures coming soon!