A Dogging We Will Go

Hubby and I decided to stop by the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter in Chambersburg, PA last night to look at their dogs.  From there website I had seen one I was interested in and wanted to check him out:

Digger is a basset hound mix.  Once there you could not get this dog to come anywhere near you and it's extremely thin.  Though a cute dog, we knew we didn't want to go through the shy dog syndrome again as we did with Toby.  But if you have a lot of patient...Digger may be the dog for you!

As with Washington County; this Humane Society was also over run with dogs and I could see more in the back waiting to be placed on the adoption floor.  Lots of pitbulls which seems to be what most Humane Societies are being over run with these days.  We saw many here that we liked:

This is Ike, an obvious Beagle and a real cutie.

Billy Bob, another beagle with beautiful coloring.

Buddy, a basset hound mix that has the saddest face ever!!

Lizzy - a Jack Russell that is of senior age.  She's very friendly and really left a paw print on my heart.  I hate seeing older animals at the shelters.  You know they probably had a long life with someone and then their world was turned upside down.  She's a little overweight, but with the proper exercise she would make someone a wonderful companion!

Then I rounded the corner and found this:

I was immediately IN LOVE.  This is Mickey a supposed Lab/Beagle mix.  He's an owner surrender due to having too many.  He arrived within the past few days with his sister:

Mallory - another beautiful dog.  But hey, wait a minute...they are actual brother and sister?  Whomever gave them up claim they are brother and sister and are of Lab/Beagle mix.  I can somewhat see that in Mickey, but Mallory sure looks like she had boxer in her to me!!  Both had HUGE feet and that's an indication that they'll be large dogs...something we weren't looking for.

I kept wandering around the kennel, and everytime I rounded the corner - Mickey's face would light up and his tail would wag and I just fell in love all over again!  Sure, he may do that to everyone...but I had some connection with that dog.

We left empty handed, not wanting to make a rash decision.  Both Mickey and Mallory are about 3-1/2 months old, which makes them puppies (something we weren't going for) and well that would mean a puppy stage again.  So there's lots to think about.  We decided we would go back in a few weeks.  If either are still there we'll know one of them are meant to be, and we'll consider more seriously.  In the meantime we are still watching other shelters, to see what they have.

But I can't get Mickey off my mind!