A Dogging We Have Done...

Yesterday I saw a cute little dog listed at the Humane Society of Washington County.  This was the place we had gone and looked at the little dog Molly from a few posts back.  This little girl is named Fawn and was listed as a terrier/pit bull mix.  I knew that wasn't true, I was staring at a fawn colored puggle or at least a mix of one.  I emailed the photo to hubby and told him I thought we should go look.  He called me at work and we agreed to meet there when I got off.

We arrived, signed in and went to look at dogs.  We didn't ask for her, we just thought we'd walk in and look around.  Some of the same dogs were there and a few new ones.  I rounded the corner and there she was absolutely thrilled to see me!  Cute as a button she is.  I pulled out a treat from the container on the wall and turned back to her kennel.  I told her to sit, she did.  Obviously she had training, I also took note that at some point her toenails had been painted pink.  Hmmmmm.....someone obviously thought a lot of her, why is she here? 

I pulled her info out of the pocket and noticed that her breed was listed as a puggle mix on there (didn't I tell you I was staring at a puggle?).  She was picked up as a stray.  Some training, pink toenails, stray...  no one coming to claim her?  How very sad.

We were impressed enough to wait until we could access the "get acquainted" room.  She is EXTREMELY active.  Kelly went over all the information she had with us.  We decided it was worth setting up a meet and greet with Toby & Keyser. 

Since hubby usually takes the dogs to work with him....Toby & Keyser were in the car.  The staff decided we could do the meet and greet right away.  First it was me with Keyser.  She was all over Keyser, Keyser was stiff as a board.  The staff found it odd that he didn't get after her by standing his ground; but then, that's Keyser.  Then hubby went in with Toby; after 10 minutes Keyser and I joined them.  Apparently Toby was the opposite, he let her know in no uncertain terms that he would not tolerate her behavior.  She respected that.  So all was well. 

They then gave us time to discuss and well, we decided to give it a go.  I filled out the application and we're just waiting to hear back.  I don't expect a problem and they are already arranging to have her spayed.

I'd love to share a photo, however, they remove those immediately from their website so I wasn't able to capture it.  HELLO BFF KIM - can you see if you can get them for me and email them to me?  I like having the shelter photos...I have Toby's and Keyser's both.

Anyway, we don't like the name Fawn; we're deciding on another.  I'm leaning towards Addison (Addi for short).

Hubby brought the crate up from the basement and it's sitting in the living room.