Yes It Does...No It Doesn't....Yadda, Yadda

There are many opinions of the New Points Plus Plan introduced by Weight Watchers back at the end of November.  Anyone that had been doing the old program successfully were a little leery...if it ain't broke don't fix it.  Though I initially was against it I am now embracing it and seeing the benefits from it.

Not everyone is though.  A lot of people are complaining of gains, plateaus and such and insist it wasn't happening on the old program and are choosing to go back to it.  Which is fine, I'm a believer of do what works for you.

But I have some news for you - your body does not know if you are doing the old system or the new one.  It has no idea!  Sifting through a lot of the posts on the board I see a lot of the people complaining, insisting that they are following the program exactly.  Really?  REALLY?  Does anyone really follow any program exactly?  But one particular post caught my eye today.  The writer was also considering dropping out an going back to the old plan due to weight gain.  She had spent the last week counting points both the new and old way to compare the plans.  In other words, both menus were the same but the point values would be different do to how the points are calculated.  What she discovered however was that it was the fruit making her fat.  Hmmmmmmm....

I realized the issue in this particular case.  She was claiming of eating the EXACT SAME THING only doing both calculations.  So my guess would be that neither plan was working for I said above your body doesn't know which your using.  What I think happened here was that she ate exactly how she would of one the old plan and threw in the free fruit as extra.  YOU CANNOT COMBINE THE OLD AND NEW PLANS - IT WILL NOT WORK.

Rather than using those free fruits as "fillers" - why not use them in place of the snacky stuff?  The whole program is geared to make you choose the healthier alternative plus get those Healthy Guidelines in!  Healthy Guidelines you say?  Ah....another issue - aren't you getting yours?

Healthy Guidelines - 6 liquids (preferably water but any liquid counts); 2 healthy oils, 5 servings of fruit or vegetables, 2 servings of dairy - you know what they are.  Most everyone tries to ignore them.  I don't always get all of them in, but I've really been making the effort the past few weeks and it's really paid off!

Though I don't care whether or not you choose the old or new plan;  please make sure that you take the effort to do it correctly.

For an ego boost today: One of the officers came into my office and said "I don't know what you are doing, but you look really good." :)