Today Is Beautiful!!

It is such a nice day out - and it's doubly nice because I had the day off!!!  Hubby had an appointment at Johns Hopkins (everything is fine) and I had taken off to go with him.  We were back rather early so I got to enjoy most of the day.

I went to our local Good Will today and ended up with 2 tops and a leather jacket.  The jacket was in top tip condition and I just couldn't pass it up.  Then I stopped at Kmart and bought a few sweaters off the clearance rack for $5.99 each.  So it was rather a productive day.

For my birthday I had gotten new cookware.  This past weekend hubby brought me home a peg board, so today I put everything together:

I absolutely hate digging through the cupboard for a pan, so this was a nice solution!  I absolutely love my little skillets (the square one on the bottom row and the one right above it), I bought them after Christmas and they are so perfect for eggs!  My new set came with one even smaller (top right)!  Little pans are a nice addition to have.  Here's my other two close up:

No kitchen should be without them!!  Run out, buy yours now - lol!!  Another kitcheny find was at the dollar store.  Someone on the Weight Watchers board mentioned these and I just had to go get some:

It's a water glass with the measurements on the side!  I bought four - what a great idea!  No more measuring out the milk and then pouring it into a glass.  All in one!

I am rather obsessed with kitchen gadgets these days!