Take My Fat Clothes - PLEASE!!!

You really can’t depend on sizes anymore.  Each company has different guidelines for such.  My wardrobe consists of varying sizes.

Since I’ve lost weight, I decided it was time to clean out the clothes.  Not everything in the Goodwill pile is “too big”.  Some of it is things I never wore, no longer like, or don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it!

But anyway, I’ve begun cleaning out my closet.  About a month ago, I mention this to one of my co-workers (CW1).  As an after thought, I asked her “Do y’all want me to bring them in for you to go through?”  She answered in the affirmative.  I actually forgot about it and also forgot to mention it to CW2 & CW3.

Well today, CW3 informed me that CW1 told CW2 that I came in one day and said “Would you like to have all my fat clothes?”

Please step outside the box with me for a minute……

ANYONE that knows me, knows I would NEVER say that to a stranger much less to someone I consider a good friend.  And HELLO – I myself have a weight issue and it will be a lifelong struggle to maintain a healthy weight (which I’m nowhere near yet).  So why would I refer to someone else as fat??

Okay back in the box……

Obviously CW3 could see from the look on my face that the conversation hadn’t gone the way she’d been told.  I gave her my version, which to her made more sense. I also explained that the clothing wasn’t all “too big”.  She then told me that CW1 has also been complaining that apparently “I” see her as the fattest in the office since I never mentioned it to CW2 & CW3.  I again explained that I had actually forgotten about it until she just mentioned it and that’s why I hadn’t said anything. The day I mentioned it to CW1 – only she and I were working.

Back outside the box……

My one sister has told me when I reach a size 6; she has pants for me – HURRAY!  What could be better than free clothes?  Technically I guess these are her “fat” clothes; but I don’t care…I love getting free clothes.  Cheap ones are okay too – there are great finds in thrift shops!  But someone has size 6’s they are going to give me???  Hey! I now have a goal!!!

In the box……

Naturally CW3 has asked me not to mention it to CW1 or CW2.  And she’s right there as it would cause more problems than it’s worth.  But it still ticks me off that she told people I said that….and well how many more did she tell and so on and so on…..

So I ask all of you…..was I wrong in offering the clothing???  And is there a better way to handle that situation?


  1. Well, I need my Fat Clothes back...so I am certainly not one to talk about fat. But I have long since given up on worrying about how other people interpret the things I say. I say, "Is that what you're wearing out tonight?" and The Hubby hears, "You look like crap, go change!" I say, "Are you going to finish those french fries?" and my coworker hears, "You don't need those fries fatty, so give me some." So I've given up. I say what I say and let the chips fall where they may (mmmm chips). I certainly don't lose any sleep over it anymore.


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