Oh Yeah, SHURE.......

I want to thank everyone for the help and support you’ve given me during my ShurePets venture; but that venture is now over.

I’ve had a very horrible experience with them delivering orders and it was like a living nightmare.

Case in point. A friend ordered via my website on November 6, 2010. Never received her order. Many of my emails regarding this went unanswered. When I did get an answer it was “things are backordered” (though none of the items appeared on the weekly backorder listing) or “we’ll ship out what we have”. Nothing would occur and when I’d contact again for status it was like the other conversations never took place (though I have emails stating otherwise). On a party order everything was delivered but one person’s orders…again I went through the email fiasco with no solution. It got frustrating!

Finally, I contacted the Better Business Bureau for help getting this resolved. Now Shurepets wanted to talk to me to get things take care of! Amazing isn’t it?  The excuse for the above orders was “problems with the postal service” and “I haven’t been receiving any of my emails”. Hmmmmmmm………you haven’t been receiving my emails? I have copies of them with YOUR ANSWERS!!

Anyway, all monies are being refunded and I will close out the BBB report when I see those credit card credits. What’s sad is that they have really good products and my pets love them! But I just can’t do business this way.

Even if I chose to continue, I’m already out…..you have to have $300 worth of sells in a 3-month period to stay active. I had that my first three months (though over ½ of that has now been refunded). My second 3 months began in December and ends in March. I certainly couldn’t have parties with orders outstanding and no answers! Mid-February now – can’t scramble for parties.

The whole experience has just been a bad one…..a lesson well learned.


  1. That bites but we live and learn! I never did get around to ordering anything but maybe that is a good thing....

  2. Oh you probably wouldn't of gotten it anyway!! ;)


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