Inside Me Lives.....

"Inside me lives a skinny woman crying to get out...
...but I can usually shut her up with cookies."

We've all seen the above quote, sometimes it's accompanied with a cartoon.  But when you're losing weight the opposite it true:

"Inside me lives a fat woman demanding to get out..."

But there is no shutting her up - she wants to be fed.  Dieting doesn't stop...well, it doesn't unless you want that fat woman back.  And when she comes back, she comes pack with vengence - many, many more pounds.

Remember my post about my "fat clothes"?  Well CW1 (the one that claims I offered her fat clothes) had to take paperwork to court Friday and asked me to go along since she's never done it before (it's usually me).  I have a funny story to tell about that morning that will be in another post; but after court, picking up lunch and heading back to work she starts discussing weight and well, she tells me she saw a friend who had lost an enormous amount of weight on WW several years ago.  It's the first she's seen her since her weight loss.  She informed me that the girl has gained all the weight back plus more....and informs me that that is what happens - WW doesn't work.

Grrrrr......yeah, there's a lot I could of said at this moment and just let the mental abuse I've been taking from them come to ahead.  But that's what they want; and I'm not giving them that. My response?

"She didn't stick with the diet.  All diets work but you have to continue with them.  Diets don't fail, people do.  Do you think that isn't something I don't struggle with?  I know that I'm going to be struggling with my weight for the rest of my life."  (maybe not exactly, but my response was in that content)

I didn't really get much of a response out of her; but she was a little nicer the rest of the day. 

But it made me think of that "skinny woman" quote above and made me realize that there IS a fat woman living inside of me always anxious to get out.