Do What's Right For You

While over on one of my favorite weight loss blogs - Roni's Weigh - I wandered to her other site Green Lite Bites to look at a recipe.  Under her green smoothie recipe were many comments..but not all were about the recipe.  There was someone who started posting about how milk and milk products are bad for you, etc...  Roni's response was that she rarely drinks milk, uses almond milk if any but still uses yogurt and cheese in moderation.

This did not go well with this person, she continued on the horrors of milk and well then on the horrors of Weight Watchers and how their success rate is minimal if any and naturally backs it up with links, books and anything else to prove her point as "holier than thou".  She then went on to post over on her own blog of how she got into a fight at a Weight Watcher blog (this person does mostly vegetarian from what I could see) and of course continued to say how she has nutritionist and such backing her up.  ***In reality the fight was all in her head as Roni appreciated her comments and agreed to disagree.***

Yep, all this over a Green Smoothie recipe - Amazing isn't it???

Weight Watchers does not fail people - that woman can post all the links to the statistics that she wants...but it doesn't fail.  No "diet" fails....people however....yes, it's not the diet, it's the people that fail.  That was my comment.  And someone under me agreed with me, a person doing the Engine 2 diet (which is plant based-added the link to my sidebar).  I think I'll let my doctor and my bloodwork speak for itself, regardless of what the "experts" say.  Not knocking this persons "choices" - if she's doing what works for her, that's great!  But I think it's wrong to knock what's working for someone else.

This is why I've always stressed that you need to be in the right frame of mind and find the right weight loss program that works for you for a lifetime - not temporary.  You can lose all the weight on a diet that you want...but if you lose it than stop and go back to old ways - yeah, I guess it is easier to blame the diet than admit that you failed.  Though you'll find many things on my blog regarding Weight Watchers (because that's what I do), I do have the listing of other available diets.  If it confuses you too much, you should ask your doctor what he the way, you should check with your doctor before starting any weight loss program anyway.

But I'm going to be fair - the commenter does have a nice blog with some good recipes that many may find useful - so you can check her out here:  Healthy Girls Kitchen .  Many of you may find this useful, adding to sidebar as well.