Busy, Busy, Busy......

CC and I had a very busy day yesterday.  I'm not kidding, I was wore out!

We first went to BB's Outlet in Shippensburg, PA.  This is a discount grocery store run by the Amish.  It's very crowded but has some great deals!  So it's worth the trip.  We would end our day going to another similiar type store in Greencastle, PA.

But in between the food shopping...we went THRIFT STORE shopping!  When you're losing weight "in process" nothing can be worse then the expense that comes with buying new clothes.  New clothes are good, but when you have to keep buying, buying and buying due to weight loss.  It's get very expensive.  So I'm all for the motto of "What's one man's trash is another man's treasure."  Nothing could be more true.

I ended up with a black pair of Lee Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger Jeans and dark green Liz Claiborne jeans (all size 8's).  Also picked up a pair of shoes and a foot spa for hubby!  It was a very good day.  I did notice however that Good Will prices tend to be higher than the other thrift stores.  Not that that's a bad thing!