Another "Weight Watchers" Isn't Working For Me Post

Thursday while in line at Weight Watchers waiting for weigh-in, CC and I were chatting with some of the people.  One girl began to say how Point Plus was not working for her and that she is totally frustrated.  She then proceeded to tell me how for the first two weeks she only ate fruits and vegetables and it did nothing more than make her sick of both.

Let's look at this for a minute.... only ate fruits or vegetables?  Absolutely no where in the WW program does it tell you to do this.  And really?  That's all she ate?  What about her points?  All fresh fruits are 0 pts.  Most veggies are also with the exception of the starchy ones (potatoes, peas, corn).  So was she using her points with the starchy veggies or was she not using points at all?  And she wonders why the program is failing her.

She then proceeded to tell us about the dinner she pulled together for her family before arriving...I didn't catch everything but it was some pasta dish that involved cheese wiz and I got the impression this was a WW meal to her.  And she wonders why the program doesn't work.

Though I'm in agreement that one program doesn't work for everyone and you really have to find the program that is right for you; you do have to give the program a chance and you can't do that if you aren't following the guidelines.

If you're another person struggling to get to your WW leader and make sure you have some menus to show as well.  It can really be an eye opening experience.