Weight Watchers

There are a lot of people looking for weight loss due to their new year's resolutions...so our meetings have increased in size.  This is a good thing.

CC was telling me that she was in the grocery store this past week and saw a woman and husband shopping and the lady was grabbing items with the points on them.  When the lady noticed CC using her point calculator; the lady asked if that was worth purchasing.  CC told her yes as you need it to calculate points.  The lady proceeded to tell her that she had been told to just look for the points on the packages.  CC explained to her that those points are not accurate due to old packaging.

I don't know where this lady is doing her WW meetings at or if she's just grabbing information from here or there and attempting on her own - but her way of doing it is completely off. 

Let me give advice again:

Some of the old packaging is still out there and the points are all different now.  Either recalculate to be sure or make sure the points say POINTS PLUS (and not just POINTS).  Points Plus is the correct way to go.

Don't buy only products with the points plus on them.  You cannot survive on frozen foods and such.  You'll get sick of it and it just isn't healthy for long term use.

You NEED that calculator.  It's the only way to do it!  If you have an iPhone you can download an app instead - but you must have a way to calculate.  It's a very good investment.

Stay within in your point range, track what you're eating, weigh and measure - you can succeed!


  1. I have survived my first day and came in two points under. I think I have also figured out the calculator, so ignore my frustrated text. It has been a long day!

  2. My phone was dead, just got the text. I only use the calculator to calculate pts, I don't use it for tracking (have a journal/online for that). But glad you figured it out!


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