Today Was My Birthday....

Today was my 47th birthday.  Oh, I'm not ashamed to admit my age, it's nothing anyone should be ashamed of.

The weekend started on Friday.  Kim and her hubby, Robyn, Tod, Jim, Kevin and I went to eat at Carmine's Italian Restaurant.  The food was extremely good, but way too much!  We all ended up with take home boxes!  Afterwards Kim, Robyn, Tod and I went to Jim & Kevin's house.  They live in a church - no kidding, their place was a church at one time and I've been dying to see it.  Absolutely LOVE it!  It's so really cool.  Though Kim, Robyn and I have been friends since high school; Tod, Jim and Kevin I met through Kim.  They are new friendships that I hope to continue - what a great group of guys.  Oh and make sure to check out Jim's blog (click his name up there in the first sentence of this paragraph).

Saturday was one of those regular grocery shopping and such days.  Today my hubby took me out to eat, then we shopped.  We bought our turtle Bob a waterfall and then I got new cookware at Kohl's.  Then this evening CC and I went to the movies.  Fun day!


  1. OMG, darling! If I had known your birthday was so close I would have had a cake or something Friday night. Or at the very least I would have lodged a candle into one of the Key Lime Tarts and we would have all sang. :-) Happy Birthday, and I'm glad you finally got a chance to see the house.


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