The Special-ness Is Beginning To Wear Thin.....

Joppa went outside Sunday morning and well...vanished!  Didn't come back Sunday evening.  No sight of him Monday morning.  Nothing Monday night.  Nowhere this morning.

I just knew someone had him.

I was angry and upset over this.  He would never just NOT come home.  Someone had him.  I decided today to contact the Humane Society; if he wasn't back by the time I got off work, I was hanging flyers.  I figured maybe if someone saw him on a flyer, they'd know to let him back out.

I emailed the Humane Society a photo and descripiton when I got to work.  Within an hour, I had a phone message from them, "We think we have your cat."

I immediately called in.  Since my email mentioned his microchip, they'd scanned him right before I called back and now could guarantee that it was definately my cat!  HURRAY FOR MICROCHIPS (I am however waiting to hear why he is no longer listed under our account at 24 Hour Pet Watch, apparently the chip is registered to us but his photo and such is gone).

Apparently, Joppa was down the storm drain at the corner.  Some woman heard him meowing and found him.  Course she couldn't get to him, so she calls the fire department.  They get him out; the woman decided to keep him over night and then took him to the Humane Society this morning.

Hubby says when he walked the dogs Monday morning, he saw the fire department down at the corner!  That would of saved us $25.00 had he gone down to see what they were doing.

Yep it cost $25.00 to get him from the Humane Society.

He's special (and expensive) all right!

My last post was a little snippy - I know.  I was really upset (still am) over the Colton thing.  The Netflix/Computer thing went very well and I'm actually glad I did that now.  I hadn't had a long conversation with my Aunt in quite a long time (years probably) and it was nice to do that.  So I whined for nothing...oh well, that's life!