Size 10 In A Year

I came across a diet blog I had started some time ago called "Size 10 In A Year" my goal was right in the title...get to a size 10 and reach that goal in a year.  Well......I started Weight Watchers on September 4 months I've reached a size 10!  Actually I've going past that and am heading for a size 8 - AMAZING!!

In the last post I promised photos of me now - haven't done those yet.  But they will be coming as I would like to have some photos to chart further weight loss.

Friday night hubby and I went to dinner with Kim and her hubby Chris.  I had picked The Greene Turtle as CC and I had eaten there before and I knew what to order; however, when we got there they didn't have a table and couldn't tell us when they would and basically the girl was rather rude.  We opted to go elsewhere.  We ended up downtown at  Bulls and Bears.  It was very good and I highly recommend the pork chops - YUM!!  Cost me a little more in points - but I still ended up with leftover ones!

So life is good!