Red Robin Restaurant and Other Information

Saturday CC and I went shopping and ate lunch at the Red Robin.  If your unfamiliar Red Robin is famous for burgers and their bottomless french fries.  Neither which are good for Weight Watchers. 

However, we did find some good choices.  We chose the grilled chicken sandwich and opted to have it wrapped in lettuce rather than on the bun.  We chose the melons over the fries and we each had a cup of chili.  Much healthier than a burger and fries and it was very good.

I did find the Red Robin nutritional values here:  I had to customize the sandwich though because the nutritional info includes the values for lettuce, tomatoes, onion, etc..  and WW considers those 0 pts.  But as it turns out the chili was 7 pts and the chicken wrapped in lettuce was 4 pts.  So that's not bad at all.

I think I'm going to start including links to restaurant nutritional values over on the's always very helpful.

Also - my friend Joanne (whom I was just in NY with) has lost 25 lbs. (applause, applause) using the help of Lance Armstrong's site Live Strong.  I've checked this out and it has lots of information on it, so I've added it under the diet site area.  She's losing by counting calories and has been very successful with it.