Please Don't Hire Me Out

I'm a computer person.  I love computers.  I'm not just talking about surfing the net and such...but I like the option of seeing how and why they work too.

I've learned a lot about computers in the 10+ years I've had one.  I've upgraded computers and have even built my own computer.  It's not as hard and/or as complicated as people think.  And a quick internet search can provide you with a wealth of information.  You're not the only one to have that error message or that computer noise.

However, I'll do ANYTHING to my own computer...but I won't to someone else's because I can't afford to buy them a new one if something goes horribly wrong!  So though working on a problem is a learning experience....I really can't always produce miracles.  And so many people don't understand that.  Sometimes you just truly do need a new computer.  Sometimes you may have to contact your internet provider to get a new modem....things like that happen.  It's not rocket science.

But my post today isn't about the people who call me with a question, or to help set up the new computer, or to help move their blog....or anything like that.  It's the people who seem to think they can hand out my phone number to others.

Case in point...when my Dad discovered you could get netflix on the TV via a Wii system - he had to have a Wii.  Several family members went together to get him one for Christmas.  I bought the wireless router that would be needed.  My nephew and I hooked it up.  Got everything working.  Oh my Dad is never without a complaint - sometimes the signal gets lost, the movie stops and you get the "retrieving" message...which he always says I caused.  But that's a signal issue not a computer one.  Can't help you there.

Anyway, my Mother for years wanted her kitchen wallpapered and right before Christmas, my one aunt and uncle did that for her.  She wanted to pay them, but the response was "You don't charge family."  Anyway she had them over for dinner this week.  Dad showed off the netflix and well.....guess where I'm going Monday after work???

It's not that I mind helping them; it's not that I want paid for anything - I agree with the "You don't charge family."  But wouldn't it of been better to of asked ME first????  It's a simple set-up, but I just have this funny feeling that something is just not going to work right and I really don't want to be there all evening Monday.

Am I wrong in feeling this way????

On top of that; my family is having my birthday dinner tomorrow ( a week early ) and I wanted to take Colton with me.  Well I long as I have him back at a certain time for his nap.  Nap time is the same as dinner time - so it's a no go.  That upsets me a little....and I would think being a big football fan, having a newborn and then getting the opportunity to have a break from the 2 year old would be a good thing.  Apparently, it's not.  Hubby insists it's a schedule thing....but somehow I don't think the bio-grandmothers have this problem.  I know, I shouldn't think this way...but I can't help it.  Back in the summer when they wanted to golf on Sunday afternoons the issue of a nap never came up.


  1. I have to be careful here as your parents and I have a love-hate relationship now (I love them, they hate me) but I agree with you; they should not volunteer you to do something you did for them as a gift. Especially not without your permission first. Sure you could refuse once the person asked, but then it is awkward.
    And some parents are persnickity. Naps can be waived when it suits idea why some have that rule, but don't take it personally. A week from now when they are pulling their hair out, they will have wished they had taken you up on the offer!


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