2011 - TOP TEN


And This Year I Got....

Merry Christmas!!

The Holiday Begins

More This & That

How Sweet!

A Fun Day

A Weight Loss Post

Drama, Drama, Drama

Another Overdue Weight Loss Post

Spunky & Sebastian


Ho Hum......

The Staycation Is Coming To An End

Another Day....

An Overdue Weight Loss Post

Another Long Day

Long Day...

Just For The Record...I'm Alive

So I Became The Bigger Person....

Not Happy At All.....

Tomorrow, Tomorrow....

Long Fun Day

Let It Snow, Let It Snow...Wait A Minute, It's Only October!!

Back On Track

How Do You Spend Your Dash?

A Draining Week

Today I Lost My Best Friend

Household Projects Continue...

The Start of Household Projects!

If I Ran Weight Watchers

Household Projects

This & That

The Dog Ate My Carpet

The Dog Ate My Sofa

We Went Off To The Beach!


So, So - How Is It?



A Mattress Hunting We Went

It's Ending....

An Inspiration? Who ME?????

Only In America.....

Nice Evening

We Outsmarted The Hurricane

So Hey What Do You Eat On Vacation?????


The Earth Shook Under My Feet

Almost there, almost there....