Sick, sick, sick....

I've been sick all day.  The cold going around that I've been fighting for a week finally caught up.  I could of drugged myself up and went to work but I chose to stay in bed - I think that was needed.  I should probably stay in bed tomorrow as well, but I'll have to go to work before the 4-day holiday weekend.  We're so short staffed in the office that it's hard when someone takes off; but we realize that it happens but I just can't do it again.

I slept through the morning, not getting up until about 12:30.  Then I watched a very bad horror movie..and now I'm watching "The Book of Eli".  Seems okay so far.

Last night I was down 2/10ths of a lb. at weigh-in.  I was actually surprised as I was expecting a gain due to several parties and the amount of goodies coming into the office this time of year.  CC however is doing very well and is still losing poundage - You Go Girl!!  After weigh-in we went to a store and tried on clothes.  I am happy to say that I ended up buying a size 10 pair of jeans!!  I was really excited about it!!  When I started Weight Watchers I was busting out of size 14's!  Now I'm in a 10!  I always thought 10 was where I wanted to be, however, I'm no where near my goal weight and now I'm thinking maybe a 6 is where I'll end up.  That's very exciting!!  It's nice to see the weight go down but when the clothes get smaller it's a wonderful feeling!

I'm also happy to see that Kim did a posting yesterday and indicated that she and the pastor had talked and he informed her that he told "the gentleman that started all the church problems" that he had been wrong and should of come to Kim first with the blog posting and if that didn't work things out he should of gone straight to the pastor.  That's so correct...instead he chose to do a witch hunt that has led to hate & discontent in the church.  Always think how your actions will affect others.  It does make me think how my parents will take the news that the pastor they think so much of, does not agree with them.  It's a sad situation with no real winners.