Meeting Tonight!

Well tonight was my Weight Watchers meeting.  My head is still spinning!!  It's a lot to take in especially if you've been doing WW.  Points have to be all re-thought!!  Oh and we're to refer to them as Points Plus not just Points...but it will be PP for this blog!

The best way to approach this system is to act like you've never done WW ever!  Which we all know really is impossible.  It'll be great for the newbies; but for those of us that have been doing the old program...well forget all the points you have memorized - they all have changed.

I was disappointed that our center (and I'm reading this is true of most centers) were completely sold out of the new kits.  Apparently enough weren't ordered, or maybe enough were they just weren't expecting all the newbies at this time.  I would think there would be a flow of newbies after Christmas; but for some reason they're all starting now!!  Anyway, most of the products are being sold at discounts and they were throwing in the individual items as a packet at a reasonable price; I chose the pack that came with the Food Companion, Dining Out Companion, 12 week tracker, calculator and cookbook - CC chose the one with everything I got minus the cookbook (we'll share that anyway).  The calculator is a must for this program (no more slider folks) but I find this one to be rather cheaply made - it even looks it!!  Hopefully they'll improve on that model - I do live by my calculator.

Hopefully, I can make it through tomorrow and CC and I can grocery shop to get things working!  We need plenty of those 0 PP Fruits!!