It Snowed Today

It snowed today and reminded me of how much I hate winter.  Oh snow is pretty and all and I would imagine if you don't have to drive in it, it can be nice.  But for the most part it just makes things crappy.

It's been very cold here.  This morning Joppa Rhode, Cooper and Mickey went outside.  When I was ready to leave for work, I called them, but only Cooper came in.  I was pretty sure I'd get to my car and the other two would show up, so I decided to take my things to the car and then go back and lock the door.  Still no Joppa or Mickey.  I couldn't search, I went to work.

When I got home and pulled under the carport, I could hear Joppa meowing.  I opened the car door and he was on my lap immediately.  We went inside.  About 15 minutes later I found it odd that Cooper had not greeted me.  I searched the house - no Cooper.  I knew he came in that morning, what happened?  About an hour later he shows up at door....I can only assume he ran out unseen on me this morning when I went back to lock the door.  That left Mickey.

I'm no dummy and neither are any of you.  Mickey had been going in and out on short intervals the past few days.  But being out all day was a longer period of time and hubby had said those words we should never say that morning..."I think Mickey's going to stay this time."  Hmmmm.....sure.

Hubby gets home an hour later and here comes Mickey!!!  Though I'm not sure he'll stay forever, I am hoping through the winter.  But I also realize that Mickey will soon be 13 years old and well maybe he just isn't up to traveling anymore.  Time will tell.

Due to the weather no Weight Watchers tonight...I'm kind of glad as I was totally unprepared to weigh in.