It's All Over...

Whew!!  Christmas is over and now the store's are preparing for Valentine's Day!!  I'm not kidding...I was in Kmart on the 23rd and they had all the Christmas stuff pushed to a corner and were unpacking Valentine stuff!  Jeese....

In my area, the big snow storm missed us...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for the 6th & 7th...after I'm back from NY, it can snow, ice, sleet, etc..  all it wants.

Christmas wasn't too bad.  I've got a starting fund for an Ipad (though I'm not totally sure that's what I plan on buying - looking at other tablets as well); and a few needed odds & ends.  Christmas was well and I even got over my little madness in regards to the jacket from work.  I figured I don't really wear work related items in public anyway - only at work; I'll take it there and wear it when the heat isn't up to par (which is often in that office).  Course the big test will be Thursday evening at weigh-in...I've got my fingers crossed!!

Nothing planned for New Year's, though we were invited to Kim's.  But since it means we'd have to travel a wee bit and roadblocks are set up just about everywhere to catch drunk drivers; we play it safe and stay home.

Other than that, it's back to work tomorrow for 3 days, then off 4, then work 2 then to NY!