I Believe In God...but Church, well.....

Exactly what is a church?  In my opinion, a church should be a place that you go to worship God, share your belief with others and help and support those that are less fortunate as Jesus would do.  Oh I am so very wrong....

Hubby and I left our church several years ago...mostly because it became too political.  I wanted to worship, not have a political agenda rammed down my throat.  That church seems to be failing, especially within the past year.  It's a shame, but when the leaders lead in the wrong way, that's what happens.

I grew up in a Lutheran Church.  My parents still attend that church, but the rest of our family stopped years ago when my nephew was going through the process of joining the church.  The person in charge of that class told him that because his parents were divorced, that meant they didn't care about him.  Yeah, you read that right!  Anyway, my mother complained to Pastor, who did absolutely nothing.  We all dropped out, my mom continued to go because that's the only church she's ever gone to.

About 5 years ago, that church went through a HUGE break-up.  There was to be a vote and though both sides agreed whatever the outcome would be God's will and accepted...the losing party decided that God's will was for them all to leave and start their own church - which they did.  Unfortunately, the part that left was most of the money.

The little church on the hill has been struggling to survive.  And they do struggle and do survive...but they just can't seem to get past the split...and well, when a church is filled with hate, you have to wonder where they are heading.  My parents are part of the group that can't get past it and don't seem to be happy unless there is some type of discontent in the church.

The most recent seems to be with my BFF Kim, who is the church secretary there.  On her blog (her own personal paid for space) she posted her struggle with the sermons and the new pastor.  Now, I realize that there are people that lose their jobs over this kind of stuff, HOWEVER, Kim in no way, shape or form..mentioned the church or the pastor by name; and if you don't know that this is her blog...you'd have no idea who or where she was talking about.  But someone at the church came across it, called everyone and gave them "his" version of it, conned someone else into bringing it up at a council meeting (while he sat and played dumb)....and well, this whole thing got blown way out of proportion. 

So what is left of the church has been divided and whenever I see my parents, I have to listen to the discontent that Kim has caused.  Actually Kim has not caused them any discontent...her opinion is just different then theirs, but apparently she's not allowed to have an opinion.  Yeah, I don't like taking sides and I love my parents dearly...but I really feel they are being led astray and I have to question what kind of church they are going to.  The Pastor has even given sermons stressing forgiveness and putting things behind you...but nope, they'll have nothing of it.  Today I stopped by to drop off lard that my son-in-law got for them (yes, they still fry everything in lard); Mom was at a luncheon at church, but Dad was home because the people at that church are nuts (it took him how long to realize this?).  He then went into the speech of how so and so (people that up until now they've been good friends with) are now unhappy with things.  See....these people agree with Kim...and well, they can be nothing more than troublemakers.

I can say that Kim has found a church she is happy with and as soon as we find her a new job - she'll be extremely happy!!

But now you know why I believe in God and not church.