While discussing FaceBook with an online friend, I made the statement that I had originally gotten on FaceBook for High School Reunion purposes.  I was met with a "Oh, none of those people spoke to me then, I certainly won't speak to them now.  I don't go to the reunions and have no desire to."  I have found this to be a common answer from alot of people.

I graduated almost 30 years ago and yes, there are people on FaceBook that I went to school with that weren't my friends then but are now.  Why?  Mostly because I'd be leading an awfully sad life if I was still holding onto grudges from 30 years ago.  I grew up!!  My online friend may absolutely truly not care of being in touch with those people, and that's fine...but I think it's sad that one would choose not to have a lot of friends.  That doesn't mean that I "hang out" with these people; but we do share at FB and talk at reunions and I don't see anything wrong with that.