First Week On New Weight Watchers Program

I'm happy to say that after one week on the new Weight Watchers plan, I've managed to lose 2 lbs. !!  So the new system does seem to work.  But of course, I'll feel better after being on the plan about a month to really be able to see if it works!!  Guess I still have all those old points in my head!

One of the questions I asked at the meeting last night was "Do I have to use all those daily points?"  My daily points increased from 22 points to 29 points.  Though it's true that items high in carbs increased in points; fruit became free so things worked itself out...but they still gave me more points.  Those points are a little handy if you want to eat out or have a second helping...but on a regular basis it's too many.  If I have 6-8 pts still to use at the end of the day and really am truly not hungry, should I just eat anything to get the points?  I was advised that though I should make an effort to eat all the points, I should not eat if not hungry especially if it means eating unhealthy snacky things.  That made sense.  Right after we have this conversation....and I mean immediately after, someone else asks the exact same question!  Was she sleeping through the conversation I just had???

So I posed the question at the WW message boards - "How do you get all your points in?"  There were some good answers.  One being something I never thought of - replace some of those non-fat items (cheese for example) with the low-fat ones.  Will be higher in points and much better in taste.  Also make sure that I'm getting all my Healthy Guidelines in as well.  That's 6 cups of liquid (water preferred), 2 servings milk products, 5 servings of fruit/veggies, 3 servings of healthy oils, a multi-vitamin.  I got the vitamin and liquid under control...but the rest I need to work on..and yes, that would help with points. 

So I've got some items to work with but I'm still going strong and am now down 21.2 lbs.!!  Any other diet I've ever done I could get to 10 lbs. and that was it, could never get any further.  With this one, no food is forbidden and I don't feel like I'm dieting at all....