Busy, Busy....

Last Sunday I went with CC to return her son and friend to Penn State after the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Long drive, but nice day.  Some photos:

Yeah, it was a long day!!

On Thursday we did our Weight Watchers meeting and despite a holiday loaded with food we had both managed to lose some weight, get new program material and hope for the best with the new point system.

Friday evening we went to the Waynesboro Children's Theatre Troupe's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  A friend of CC's had 2 sons performing in the play.  The oldest was playing the part of Pharoh and is so very talented.  This is his last show with the troupe as he graduates high school this year.  You will see this boy on Broadway some day - I've no doubts about this.  Her younger son was one of the kids in the play and it was his first time - it was so funny to see him really getting into the music!  It was a fun time!

On Saturday CC and I (it's a crying shame we never see each other, huh?) went to some Christmas Bazaars at some area churches.  We then headed to the outlets in Gettysburg for some much needed shopping.  As an after thought, we went to Boyds Bear Country.  I haven't been there in a very long time.  It was all decorated for Christmas and I took some photos:

The bears are always so cute!!  It was a tiring but enjoyable day!

Today was our family Christmas Party for my mother's side of the family.  Two of my cousins and I are in charge of this and it's rather tiring.  We had a good turn out though and even though a few didn't show for various reasons, we had some that were first timers - so that was great!  Again, photos:

There is always plenty of food!  Too much for a dieter like me as a matter of fact - lol!
And speaking of diets, I'm very happy to say that several family members noticed I had lost weight!  I thanked them profusely as no one else ever notices...but as hubby tells me the people who see me every day (co-workers for example) aren't likely to notice the changes as quickly as those who don't see me as often.  Guess that must be true!

Starting tomorrow is our audit at work....busy, busy....