Aim To Maintain

I really feel as if I fell off the diet this past weekend.  With the get together after the funeral, there was tons of food.  I had all my daily points to use and I took off an additional 10 from my weeklies just in case.  Though I had to basically estimate points, I’m sure I was still within my point range.  At my mother’s Sunday, again I was within my range but it was the second day in a row I had to “guess-timate” so I added another 10 weeklies to that.  Then last night was a Christmas Party, which was a sit down dinner.  I could control that a little better and didn’t go over my daily points; but I still feel like I’ve gained.

Don’t get me wrong – I know at some point and time I’m going to gain.  It’s just par for the course…but I’m just not ready for it and frankly next week scares me.  Two work parties coming up and then Christmas Eve and then Christmas Day…I need to start doing some exercise I guess.  I haven’t really truly done anything with exercise, but again, I knew at some point that would have to happen.

I’ve decided the best I can do for the holidays is the “Aim To Maintain” – if I can maintain where I’m at, I can get back into the regular routine after the holidays.

So what are your diet goals for the holidays?