Did you vote today??? If not, make sure to make it to the polls before they close.  You don’t have the right to complain, if you don’t vote.


And if you’re not registered – shame on you!! 


And no I’m not going to try to swing you to vote MY way – lol!  As long as you’ve read up on your issues and candidates and know what’s important to YOU – that’s what matters.  And please don’t rely on the lies/half truths that come via emails and such – if the person has to make up stuff to sway you to their candidate, well you should wonder what they are hiding; always check www.snopes.com even if the email tells you that it has been verified at snopes (that’s just to prevent you from going there and finding out the truth).  I’m surprised at the number of people that fall for these emails.


Well as you can see from my last two posts things are set up correctly so I can blog via email or texting if necessary.  Not that it should ever truly be necessary…but it’s nice to have options!  And the set up was very easy!!  As a matter of fact, the entire transition from godaddy to blogger was extremely easy.  It was a nightmare the time I switched from one godaddy blog to another godaddy blog!  And anyone that signs up as a follower – remember how your email boxes were flooded with posts!!  What a nightmare!


Tomorrow I hope to share some Weight Watcher recipes I have made.  Actually there’s on in my crockpot for dinner this evening.  Hope it’s as yummy as it sounds!