When Losing Weight.....

What everyone wants to hear during the weight loss process is those words "Gee, have you lost weight?"
Yeah, we all want people to take notice.  At 15 lbs. down I'm kind of distressed that I don't hear it more.  Hubby thinks it's because my co-workers see me all the time and thus it's not as noticeable to them as it would be to someone that hasn't seen me in a while.  That could be true, one of my co-workers on a different shift took notice when I worked over one day - I was elated!!!

But I did hit the booking area a few days later, when the officers working asked me about Weight Watchers as one of the other ladies from the office had told them I was doing that.  Was it hard for me?  I could answer that quite quickly - "No it's not."  I then proceeded to tell them that WW has a point value to everything and you're given so many points a day and you can basically eat what you want, but you learn to make the better choices as they are low in points and you can eat more that way.

But I didn't lie to them - there are days I want to go home, plop on the couch with a large bag of chips and some dip.  As a matter of fact - that is what I use to do almost everyday after work.  I got my weight gain from that and I know I can't do that anymore.

Weight loss is all about change.  Change.....

Last night was the first mention of the changes coming to Weight Watchers.  They didn't give specifics but the leader said she hates change and whined about it when they were first told; but she's been trying it and it's working.  We'll get full details the week after Thanksgiving.

From what I'm hearing on the internet (and it may not be true or only half-true) fruits and vegetables will all be 0 points (with the exception of starchy veggies such as potatoes, peas...) and those low point snacky things will increase in points.  Where now calories, fat and fiber calculate out a point value; more things will be looked at for that - carbs for example.  So we'll see.

Course in time for Christmas, we'll have to buy new books and calculators I'm assuming.