This & That

I've totally forgotten about "Survivor" due to it being moved from Thursdays to Wednesday nights.  So this evening I'm catching up on the On Demand (how did we ever live without this??).  Anyway, the one lady (and I use that term very loosely) got mad because she got the smallest tortilla at breakfast so she has stolen food and hidden it.  She's been a royal pain in the you-know-what since day one and I can't believe she's still there.  Now she's being confronted (because someone saw her do it) and she's lying about it and getting an attitude like everyone is accusing her!  It's so funny.  I'm sure her family is proud.  You should of seen the week when she pushed down the lady with the artificial leg - and then to the camera made all these derogatory comments about the lady.  I can't believe the show kept her!
Oops!  There we go - she didn't get voted out on that episode.  How stupid are these people???

I'm beginning to feel as though I'm coming down with a cold.  I felt this way on Saturday and it went away.  Now I'm feeling it again.  I need to get to the drug store and get some cold medicine before it get full blown.  Nice way to spend Thanksgiving huh?

I want to thank everyone that came to my aide with ShurePet orders. I did reach my goal and the order will get placed on Friday.  I'm waiting for the money transfer from PayPal.  One recent order was from someone I met in NY back in 2007 and had totally forgotten about - lol!  But once she jolted my memory a little, I remembered!  Hope she can make it to NY this time around as well.

Hmmm...someone just went up the street singing extremely loud.....holidays bring out the weirdness in people.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!