Really??? REALLY????

As I've mentioned before, Weight Watchers has changes coming on November 28th.  The whole program is being revamped and the point calculation will change.  So all old books, calculators, etc..  will not be usable for the new system.

This has caused a lot of whining and excitement in WW-ville.  Some are very excited about the change...others are very upset.  But regardless which side you're on, everyone seems to really want to push ahead in time and find out what the new program is.  I imagine that November 28th is going to be a very busy time at WW centers.  From what I'm seeing on message boards, most people aren't waiting for their weekly meeting day - they HAVE TO be there the day it starts.  Really???  REALLY???  I mean c'mon people...what's a few days?   It's not like it's a big event and if you don't start that day, you can't do it!  Just continue with the old program until your regular day shows up. 

At first I was know the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality.  But with what I'm reading (the UK members are already on the new program), I'm getting really excited.  Supposedly, fruits will all be 0 points!!  What could be better than that?  Hungry?  A healthy snack that won't cost you anything!!  Some things will go up in points, but since your daily points and weekly flex points will also increase...well there you go it's covered!!  Supposedly, the point calculation will include carbs, fiber, fat and protein instead of calories, fat and fiber.  They are looking at what makes up a calorie and how your body burns it.  Lots of people are excited because they are eating more and still losing weight!!  The whole program seems geared to make you eat healthier, but give you a break for nights out and such.  That's NORMAL living - and that's easy to live with.  So yeah, I'm excited!!

But really???  REALLY??? Is it necessary to overload the centers on the very first day????


  1. Patience is not a virtue of Americans apparently! Sounds like a great plan and I can't wait to hear what you think of it when you get started!


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