Long, Fun Evening

I’m not big on blogging via email…but it’s what works best at the moment as I won’t have time later.


Last evening I spent with my BFF Kim (whos blog is being left un-clickable at the moment due to some issues).  Kim wanted to move her blog from godaddy as well, and since it went so smoothly for me – well could I come over and help?  But of course….


But it didn’t go smoothly.  The transfer kept going and going and going…….  We stopped it; made the file smaller.  The 2010 and 2009 post popped right over – but everything from 2008 and prior just wouldn’t.  I was there a looooooonnnnnnngggggg….time.  Nothing worked.


Once home I decided to transfer a new file minus the comments – BINGO!  It worked.  Course it wouldn’t let me do the comments separately; but it’s better than nothing.  Kim will have to read back through them and copy and paste over the ones she likes!


It was a long evening….but lots of fun too!  And Kim, apologize to your son, I forgot the stuffed bear he gave me!