I'm Stay-cationing.....

So I'm on V A C A T I O N this week!!!  I have plenty to do, but right now I'm watching Comcast On Demand as they started the HBO Series "Big Love" from the beginning and Season 2 started today.  I'm addicted.  If you don't have HBO, you're missing some of the best TV series on television.  I've yet to come across one I don't like.  And there's a new on in the works starring Kevin Spacey.

So I took Olivia to the Vet's today for her complimentary wellness visit via the Humane Society.  This wouldn't of been that big of a deal except because her one eye had a slight whitish discharge, they insisted on eye drops (not part of the complimentary visit).  That wouldn't of bothered me too much, but they charged me $36.00 for the eye drops!!  Yep, you read that right THIRTY-SIX DOLLARS.  For some reason, I think they upped the price so they'd get their office visit fee in it too.  I know that sounds petty, but do eye drops really cost $36.00?????  $15.00 maybe, not $36.00.

Anyway, once home I moved Olivia to to the 2 level cage and Maggie over to the single level.  Maggie has only been staying on one level in the 2-level anyway which means she stopped using the litter box and just goes anywhere.  She's old and having a hard time getting up and down the ramp.  I decided this was best.  Despite a slightly unnoticeable eye discharge (yep, I'm not letting up on that) Olivia is doing great, and she learned the ramp very very fast.