Holiday Is Over - How'd I Do???

So the holiday went well and the only "bad" thing I ate was a slice of cherry pie (13 pts - yikes!).  But besides my daily points, I still had weekly ones so I didn't go over points; so I did very well.

My one niece has shown an interest in WW and her mother brought her an old set of the WW books to use even though I explained they'll be some changes.  My niece is under the impression she can just eat the frozen Smart Ones dinners and lose weight.  Her mother agreed that yes, as long as she stays within the point range; that will work!!  Uh-huh, overlook the person standing there that is doing WW and trying to offer advice.

WW is so much more than tracking points and staying within a range.  It's about learning healthy options, learning portion control and learning to listen to your body and knowing when it's satisfied and not stuffed!!  I can tell you from experience that the diet frozen dinners should only be used in emergencies and not as a regular part of the diet.  Why?  One - they are loaded with sodium; and Two - you'll starve and then set yourself up for a binge.  These meals just do not satisfy; an hour later, you'll be hungry again.  I've even tried having salad and fruit with them and it still can't get me to the next meal.  In a pinch, yes, they are convenient to have.....but regularly - no way!!

Besides, if you choose to just eat the Smart Ones that means that for the rest of your life you will never ever eat a home cooked meal or eat out!!!  How could you?  Do the program correctly and you can learn how to eat without over eating.  And that is what WW is all about!!

One thing CC and I like to do is pick a restaurant and put our WW knowledge to work.  We always look for the nutritional listing for the restaurant on the internet (most of the chains have this) and plan a meal ahead of time.  No nutritional info available?  Then it means you have to crack open the point books and do the best that you can!  We do very very well this way.  Some safe choices?  Grilled Chicken or Fish are always a good starting point; stay away from things that have sauces on them; get your salad dressing on the side (and aim for non-fat or low-fat dressings) and a side of broccoli, cauliflower and green beans add no points! 
Don't be afraid to have your nutritional listing and/or WW books on the table.  At least twice this has started conversations with waitresses and other customers and has resulted in a learning experience for us. 

Just please, don't live off the frozen dinners - you will never last!