He's So Special....Still!

I got home from work last night and went to walk Keyser.  Cooper and Joppa ran out the door to tag along.  I chose the alley route to keep the cats out of the street.  The guy who lives behind me was out on his porch; as I get closer he says, "Is that cat yours?" (pointing at Joppa).  I told him it was and he says, "That is the friendliest cat I've ever met.  When I sit on the back porch, he lays on my lap."

I had to agree.  I then told him about Joppa's visits throughout the neighborhood and all the people he visits.  He told me it's been a very long time since he's owned a cat, and he really enjoys having Joppa around.

So...so far - no one has complained about him.  He's such the charming little fella'.