Animals, Animals, Animals.......

The weather seems to get colder and colder....what will I do when the "actual" cold weather gets here?

We stopped by the local pet store last night to see about Lucy.  She had been sold and is now in a home with 2 young boys.  The lady said the owners have been back in since purchasing her and everything is going fine.  So that's good news!!

I'm in the process of adopting a rabbit from the Humane Society.  I saw her online and well couldn't resist.  I have a spare cage but am hoping maybe she'll be a good companion for Maggie.  Her name is Olivia.  I filled out the online application and they emailed me back.  I then went to visit yesterday.  She is so very friendly, just loved the attention.  When I walked back out and told them I was still interested; she gave me an application to fill out (it has a few more questions then the online one) and when I checked the back of it - they had already verified all information on my online one.  The girl said they were trying to make a vet appointment (she'll need spayed before adoption).  So my guess is that if they are making that appointment - I'm approved.  Plus when I got back to my office and went online, her photo had been removed from the adoptable pets.  Hopefully I can pick her up this week.

I'm becoming ShurePets depressed.  Most everyone can't do parties until after Christmas and I have until December 9th to have so much sold or I'm out (unless I pay an additional fee).  Right now I've sent out an email asking people to just buy one item to help me meet this goal.  God Bless CC who bought two items...but we've a way to go.  I'm going to purchase my pets their Christmas gifts - Why Don't You?  Again, the link to the catalog is on the sidebar.  You may order online at: or Email me your order at: and receive FREE SHIPPING (you must email me the order to get the shipping free).  You'll get an email back with an invoice to pay via PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay this way).  Need orders no later then November 21st.  Thanks!!