A New Weight Watching We Will Go....

Though my Weight Watchers meeting isn't until Thursday because I have the monthly pass I get full access to the website so I'm seeing a lot of the new information.  I always track my points online but now it's only doing the new plan.  So I thought I'd give it a try.  But I'm confused....

Old Plan Breakfast:   oatmeal (2 pts.); banana (2 pts.)
New Plan Breakfast:  oatmeal (4 pts.); banana (0 pts.)
So both plans give me a 4 pt. breakfast for the same items...what changed???

Oh the amount of daily points I had changed:
Old plan daily points:  21
New plan daily points: 29
Old plan weekly points:  35
New plan weekly points: 49

This is what I ate today (points are according to new plan):
Oatmeal - 4
Banana - 0
Grilled Cheese - 5
Pringles - 2
Hostess Mini Cupcakes - 3
Crabcake - 4
Small potato - 2
Broccoli - 0
Total:  20 - I get 29 so I have 9 more to go and I'm not a bit hungry!!  Fruit or veggies wouldn't give me points so my only options would be junk food - that can't be healthy!!  See my predictment?

On the old plan this would of been:
Oatmeal - 2
Banana - 2
Grilled Cheese - 3
Pringles - 1
Hostess Mini Cupcakes - 1
Crabcake - 4
Small potato - 2
Broccoli - 0
Total:  15; Daily would of been 21 with only 6 left over.

Hopefully they will explain this more thoroughly.  I'm glad they are giving more points otherwise you'd be staring at a plan that was more vegetarian than anything...but 29 seems like an awful lot (and some people will get more than that).  Hate to see more points set us up for failure.  I mean even with the new point values I'd still be 1 point under on the old plan.

Anyway - if you also are waiting for your meeting this week, I have read that you will need to purchase a calculator (no slide thingy this time) and products are being sold at reduced rates.  Kits are available.  Check out Danica's Daily and Roni's Weigh for more information.