A Long Day.....

It's gonna be a long week - despite a holiday on Thursday.

The commissary guy is out again for an indefinite amount of time.  This means, me and 2 of the deputies have to run the commissary.  We did this once before, but as always your regular work sits while you do another job.

We went back this afternoon to get ourselves re-trained.  There are 3 inmates to assist.  One decided he wasn't coming to help, thus ending his job in the commissary.  The other 2 helped but one of them had a real attitude and I doubt he'll be with us much longer.  Guess the commissary guy will come back to a whole new crew!  (Yeah, I know Polt this doesn't make you happy since you have to find replacements...sorry!)

Once we got moving though, things went fast.  We're hoping to start in the morning tomorrow.

Still waiting to hear from the Humane Society on Olivia.  I wish they'd contact me with an update!  I'm assuming they are waiting for her to be spayed.  Which is fine, but it would be nice to know when that is so I can get some idea on when to expect to bring her home.  Or if there is a problem...what is it?  I've always heard that the adoption process through this place is a nightmare...I was hoping to prove that wrong.  We'll see.


  1. Find replacements my ass. Maybe they oughtta replace you guys! :D

    Funny how it takes three of you to replace him. You think if any of you three were off indefinitely, that HE'D be there helping do your jobs?

    Although, come to think of it, you probably wouldn't want him to. :)



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