This & That

A Photo of me and my nieces from Saturdays Downtown Festival.  I like very few pictures of myself, but I do like this one.

CC tells me that my blog is her daily reading pleasure (yes, she leads a rather sheltered life). Hmmmmm...I tell her so much more in person - EVERYTHING as a matter of fact.

We're due for our third WW weigh-in tomorrow. I've been somewhat freaking out this week. I've become a slave to my scale and well, we all know what that gets you. Since you can weigh different daily and differently at different times of the same day - it gets stressful. Need to hide that scale. This was the first week I've used any of my weekly points (yeah next to the daily ones, you're allotted some weekly ones) - so my mind is set that more points used, more food loss or worse - gain! I'll be glad when weigh-in is over.