This, That and Then Some

Things have been going along pretty well.  Today was my first day back from a 4-day weekend...I hate the first days back. 

Weight Watchers is still going well...I'm hoping to be at my 5% loss point this week.  I want to buy a measuring tape though, I'd be interested in seeing how I'm losing in inches.  I'm starting to notice a little difference in my clothes - not enough to be down a size, but things are starting to get baggy.

Now don't get me wrong, there are days I'd love to be laying on the couch with a huge bag of potato chips and dip!  But I know that would be wrong...and the urge isn't that great!!!

I've been thinking a lot about winter.  Walking is my exercise of choice but when the cold weather hits - who wants to be out for that?  I don't have the funds for a gym membership; so I've suggested to hubby that our Christmas buy (instead of gifts) this year (last year was the washer/dryer) be a Wii.  I figured I could get the Wii Fit then.  He seems to like the idea, though nothing is set in stone yet.

Went to visit Colton today.  He informed me that he doesn't pee in the potty, he pees in his pants!!  Since he was bouncing off walls, I asked him how much sugar he had today...he told me his mommy puts sugar in her drink.  Oh, the minds of two year olds....