So What's Happening With All Those Weight Watcher Points?

The "New" Weight Watchers is coming.  No one's quite sure what is actually happening and there is much speculation.  But apparently how the food points are calculated is changing.  Right now the formula uses Calories, Fat and Fiber.  Apparently the new formula is looking at carbs and protein as well.

This can be exciting but also terrifying at the same time.  I mean, CC and I just started this program and it is working very well, what if some of our favorite indulgences point values explode upwards?  It's the carb part that scares me...I don't want to end up in a low carb diet - been there and done that; was starving!  Sure I know, regardless of the change, we could still do the system we're on but that really won't work for meetings, which I'm sure will be required to do the new program.

The points program has changed over the years.  I can remember when it first started and we tried to get a group started up where I worked at the time.  We were one person short of the requirement so we couldn't have the group, but the one girl went to the Weight Watchers Center and bought the books for us all to review and share.

I remember my first day very well.  I had 1/2 a mini-bagel w/ a glaze of butter for breakfast and about 1/8 cup of wild rice with 2 grilled chicken strips for lunch.  And THAT, was all my points for the day!  I had a migraine headache and was sick to my stomach by that evening.  Looking through the point value book then, I realized that if you were not a veggie eater, you couldn't succeed on the program.  I use to call it the starvation diet - lol!!

Over the years, they eased up a little in the point section.  I can remember when bananas were pretty high in points but now they are not.  They've done it where you could save unused points for a night out; and one time they even gave you a "range" of points - a minimum and maximum area to stay in.  But I think the system they use now - a daily set amount of points and the 35 weekly extras for "just in case", is the easiest.  Course I also know the program existed prior to the point system and worked for many people.  But change is still not easy.

Apparently we will know what the change is after Thanksgiving.

Tonight I made Kim's chicken enchillada's for dinner.  The recipe made more than I needed, but was very good.  I'm thinking next time to cut the tostillos in half - which will knock out some points.  One came in at 6 points but one was more than enough for me.  Hubby managed 2.