So I Worried For Nothing

So I worried over absolutely nothing last night as my weigh-in revealed a 2 lb. loss.  Whew!  I've decided that scale must go into a closet so I don't go through that addiction again.  My weighing will be done at the meetings only.
I had thyroid check-up at the doctor's yesterday (every 6 mos.) and he's all for Weight Watchers.  Oh he'd probably be for ANY diet I'd choose that would help me lose weight; but he seemed to be well informed when it came to Weight Watchers and that's always good.

Yesterday's lunch was this:

1 cup of grapes (1 pt.) - CC found these at Walmart for 25 cents a pound - good find!; Hostess Mini Cupcakes (1 pt.) and Roni's Veggie Scoops .  These scoops can be made just hundreds of different ways.  In this particular instant I used 12 scoops (3 pts.); a little salsa (0 pts.), 6 steamed shrimp (1-1/2 oz @ 1 pt.) and one slice WW Swiss Cheese (1 pt.) = 5 pts. total.  Total Lunch = 7 pts.  I may try the scoops as mini-pizzas today, I'll let you know how that goes.

CC's been trying some of the recipes from the Weight Watchers cookbooks.  I keep telling her she needs to start a blog!  I mean really, remember that Julie & Julia movie????