No Starving On Weight Watchers

One day, I'm pulling a "Smart Ones" frozen dinner out of the microwave at work when a co-worker said, "You're doing Weight Watchers but I notice you're not eating their food."  I explained that both Smart Ones and Lean Cusines come with WW points value on them....and though Weight Watchers does in fact have some snacks and such available, that there really isn't a Weight Watchers "food".

In other words, Weight Watchers is not Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem where you buy their food to lose weight. Mind you, I'm not knocking either of those plans - if they were affordable to me, I'd probably do them - but yeah, Weight Watchers doesn't sell you meals.

Weight Watchers assigns a point value on foods. You're given a daily point value and you eat foods up to that value. Yes, there's lots of measuring, weighing, point calculating, etc. It's work, I won't lie to you. But at least I can eat what I like, and that was something our leader told us one week - "Eat foods you like or you'll never stick to it."

For instant, I brought leftovers from last night's dinner today for lunch:

What you're looking at is 1/2 cup of sauerkraut (0 pts); 2/3 cup of Birds Eye Steamfresh Corn (1 pt.), 2/3 cup of Betty Crocker's 80 calorie instant mashed potatoes (1 pt.) and 3 oz. of pork loin (4 pts.).  Not a bad meal, huh?
Don't be deceived though - not all products are created equal.  Watch your instant mashed potatoes - I found the ones above in the dollar store and you make them with water (not with milk & butter like other brands which adds points) - thus the low point value.  Hubby found them rather bland so he added butter to his.  Though I do agree they were bland, I eat each bite with either sauerkraut or corn - so that adds flavor for me.  Read your veggie labels too - again points aren't always the same.

Meat is pretty much hit or miss - if I can't find it on the Weight Watcher's website, I just go with 1 point for each ounce.  The site can be deceiving though - I found the mashed potatoes above on the WW's site - they calculated at 3 points a matter how I looked at the food label and tried to rationalize, I could not get the value higher than 1 point a serving.  I'm thinking that perhaps that value was for the Betty Crocker mix that uses milk and butter and not the one I used.
And it really is grand that Fat Free Pringle Potato Chips come in at 1 point for 15!!!!!  YUMMY!  


  1. I think a lot of people get caught up in losing weight when they should be focusing on improving their health. There's no substitute for eating right even if you are a size 10 who would like to become a size 7. Eat healthy, be healthy.

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