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Weight Watchers is going really great.   I’m down 10.4 lbs.  I reached 2 goals this past week…another
5 lb. loss and the loss of 5% of my starting weight!!  You get little stars every time you lose a total of
5 lbs. to put on your bookmark, and a big star at 5%.  I am getting a little tired with some food choices.  Looking for some new options!  But so far, so good and I don’t feel like I’m starving.

Today is CC’s birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Last night Hubby and I went out to eat.  While driving to the restaurant we had this strange conversation:

Hubby:   Can we stop and see Lucy?
Me:          Sure.

Now you may be wondering what is strange.  There’s this hardware store near the restaurant that has a pet department in it.  We stopped in a few months ago to check things out and hubby came across this beagle puppy.  She’s growing into an adult fast and no one seems interested in buying her.  But we’re in that area almost every other week (sometimes every) and he always wants to go in to see if she’s still there.  The request was strange this week as the dog has no name and this is the first hubby’s ever used one.  It’s doubly strange because I knew exactly what he was talking about.

We go in and sure enough she’s still there.  This past month her price has been marked down in hopes someone will buy her.  However, she’s almost 7 months old and she’s surrounded by little puppies that have everyone’s attention.  I ask what happens to the unsold dogs, I’m informed that they go to a rescue that finds them homes (this is a locally owned pet store and not a chain, so I’m sure they are telling the truth).

We’re recognizable now by the staff.  They seem to like the name Lucy.  They offer to cut the price in half.  Now she’s more affordable.  And for some odd reason I hear myself saying, “Could we bring our dogs in to meet her?”  Though they have no problem with that, they suggest that we stop in one day and take her home to meet them; that way our dogs won’t be distracted by everything around them.

We leave and go to dinner.  Okay, the price is affordable and we need to consider having her spayed, shots, microchipped and license plus the increase in food costs.  How will she be around cats?  Joppa and Cooper shouldn’t be an issue, but what about Spunky and Sebastian?  Lucy practically lives in a cage, so crating shouldn’t be a problem (as a matter of fact, while we were at the store, she was out running around and when she got tired she hopped back in her cage to lay down).  Hubby asked if the name “Lucy” is the right one?  We decide that it is.

I’m not quite sure where we are in this process yet.  I did tell him that he will need to take at least one dog with him each day to work and all three on Thursdays.   So he needs to think it through.  I can’t really deny him another pet as he’s never denied me any.  At the same time we need to look at things long term and how it will affect the household.  Plus it means an additional cost for boarding at vacation time!

Here’s her puppy photo from their website:

And I also came across our granddoggie Baylor’s puppy photo:

Apparently they haven’t updated their website in a while!